Thursday, July 08, 2010

Spotted: Intern's Got No Talent (Or Life, Apparently)

I’m currently in charge of the interns in a congressional office, so it falls on me to make sure that they have an enjoyable experience and aren’t just sitting around doing absolutely nothing. One of the current interns seemed to be focused, didn’t overly ask questions, and always did what we asked him to do… kind of. When then Member of Congress asked this intern to carry out a task over 3 weeks ago, the intern jumped into it. Currently the intern is still working on that same assignment for the Member which we thought was weird… Until we realized one small detail… the intern is obsessed with “America’s Got Talent” and has been watching every episode from this year; that is, until the intern caught up with this season, and then began to watch the previous seasons via Hulu. We threatened to give him a computer with no internet, so that he would finish the assignment, but he promised to get it done. Only 10 minutes later he was back to watching/giggling through another episode, when our other intern called him out for watching it… the obsessed intern got up and shouted “It’s got funny acts… and Nick Cannon!!!!” I don’t know what is worse, that fact that Nick Cannon hosts a show about talent, or the fact that my intern is obsessed with a TV show that has Nick Cannon as a host.