Thursday, July 01, 2010

Spotted: Her 21st - Part of the Public Record

I am an intern at one of the Executive Branch Departments that is hosting about fifty interns spread across the various offices. For the summer, the Department decided to provide programming for us interns and help us network with each other by setting up an email list serve. Most of the interns are linked into the list serve via their work emails and so, technically, anything sent to or from the list serve becomes part of the public record. Initially the list serve was used to inform fellow interns about conferences and networking events but within the past two days, two emails that are definitely not appropriate to be sending using government email addresses (both emerged from their emails) have appeared on the list.

1) In a "Weekly Intern" email, letting us know about upcoming Brown Bags with Assistant Secretaries and the Staff vs. Interns softball game, the intern in charged of organizing the intern programming decided to announce that it was his 21st birthday. Attached to the email was a long word document detailing the pub crawl he intended to go on later that night (mind you this is a Monday). I need not mention that the majority of interns at our Department are undergraduates and quite a few are under 21. But even so, why on earth would you send this over work email?

But, this was not enough to warrant sending in to DC Intern Blog until I received the following, today:

2) Enjoy a Good Read!

Hey everyone!
You guys should check out my blog sometime! It will either make you informed, pissed or make you laugh! Enjoy when you have a moment!
[LINK REMOVED] -- blog in which she shares her political views on everything from General McChrystal to McDonalds.
You can also follow on facebook, twitter or subscribe to the feed, if you enjoy it !
Take care!

--Stupid Intern
Luckily said email promptly got pushed to my Junk Mail (@ 3:52 p.m., as in during the work day), but since my job involves receiving email responses from many individuals outside my agency I check the junk mail frequently. It should also be noted that blogs, facebook, and twitter are inaccessible from work, and for good reason! You're interning to work, not to send emails to the other interns plugging your blog! I am really tempted to figure out what office she is working in and forward said email to her supervisor. Luckily she's smart enough not to talk about her internship on that blog...yet.

Note to interns everywhere: work email is for work, not for advertising your debauchery or plugging your blogs.