Thursday, July 08, 2010

Heard: "Georgetown Person" at a Discounted Price

While out at a bar this weekend, my roommate and I (who are students in Washington, DC) encountered an intern to top all interns...and he didn't even have a red badge. We knew we were in for an interesting time when this guy approaches us in boat shoes and seafoam green shorts, still wearing his backpack. He begins by letting us know he isn't a typical intern because he has one paid and one unpaid and that he lives in Georgetown; but isn't a typical "Georgetown person" because he bargain shops for his Vineyard Vines and JCrew. So he's not a typical "Georgetown person"...but he looks like one, talks like one, and wants to be one, just at a discounted price. He then informs us he will "probably go to Georgetown law," even though he hasn't even applied yet; but he is taking a L-S-A-T course (pronounce as you would the SATs). After a few more minutes of him talking about himself, he told my roommate she wasn't intimidating enough because she didn't go to an Ivy League school nor did she have a career, as if him going to a small school in NY that no one has heard of is intimidating. My roommate's response - "trust me man, my resume is better than yours." Clearly his ego takes a hit, and he is upset. She says "thanks for playing" and clinks his glass, and he walks away. It is not over yet, because we see him go up to his bro and loudly say "this b*** is pissed because my resume is better than hers!" And then to make him feel better, his bro responds with "yeah man, it happens" and they proceed to fist bump.

Just a note DC intern - next time you want to insult someone for not going to an Ivy League school, make sure yours is at least in the top 100.