Thursday, July 08, 2010

Heard: Free Train Rides to the Capitol

After six hours of waiting in the 95 degree heat, I was finally walking into the Elena Kagan Confirmation Hearing. The Senate Judiciary Committee had handed out over 400 tickets, and I was in the first group to enter the hearing. As we approach the roped off area to enter, a group of four kids start walking along side our line and attempt to enter the hearing. Noticing their presence, the judiciary staffer asked for their ticket, the same one the 380 other people were holding outside. One of the four goes -- "Oh, no no no, we're staff." Judiciary Staffer -- "Can I see your badge?" And with the flick of his wrist the kid turns around his sparkling red Congressional intern badge saying, "One of theeeessseeee?" After the staffer refused to let them into the hearing, they responded with, "Are you joking? I work in this building; I'm a Senate intern."

Nothing says DC intern like strolling into the biggest hearing of the year and expecting a red carpet in return for flashing their intern badge. The staffer started laughing and finished with, "you can either go outside and wait behind everyone else or try showing the badge downstairs and get a free train ride to the Capitol."