Thursday, July 01, 2010

Heard: Fire Alarm Every Morning at 10:00 AM

I am a current hilltern who is constantly shocked by the bold ignorance displayed by so many of my (dare I say) colleagues, and today was no different. While attending a hearing this morning bells rang for attendance in the house. I thought little of it since I had read the schedule for today and knew that votes were scheduled for that time. The interns behind me, however; were shocked and I had to work hard to hide my smile as I heard the following conversation:

Intern 1: "What the hell is that noise?"
Intern 2: "Maybe its the fire alarm?"
Intern 1: "Oh look the clock lit up!"
Intern 2: "Oh yeah I've heard about that, I think the red light means the hearing will get over then."
Intern 1: "I've heard that too, I didn't know they were so strict about it."

To those poor interns I can only imagine your baffled expressions every time the House is called to vote. It must be puzzling to stare at the clock wondering why it lights up daily.