Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heard: Check Yourself

A coworker and I were getting coffee in the Rayburn Deli when three interns sauntered over. Planned Parenthood was on The Hill that day, and there were volunteer lobbyists wearing pink shirts everywhere...

Intern 1: Oh my god I hate hate hate babykillers. I want to say something to them.
Intern 2: Yeah, oh my god you should.
Intern 1: Is it worth it?
Intern 3: blank stare

Look. I get it. You have come to The Hill because of your deep passion for politics, but we are all here with varying opinions and you should restrain yourself from calling somebody else something inappropriate in front of staffers because you disagree with their politics. I'm not saying keep your opinions to yourself, but you don't want to have confrontations with lobbyists in the cafeteria... that is maybe the surest way to have your story in Politico rather than just this blog and your ass on the street.