Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heard: Cameras in the Supreme Court?

I am a summer intern in the Senate and have rarely been more disappointed in my peers than yesterday when all Hill interns (that made it in the door) were treated to a speech/Q & A hour with Justice Ginsburg in the Supreme Court court room. This was obviously a big opportunity and one intern in particular felt he was just more important than everyone else waiting to get in. The interns who lined up inside the Supreme Court's waiting room were in four lines; I was lucky enough to be in the last line, along with this certain intern. The lines dismissed one by one and sure enough..this intern tried to cut in front of no less than a dozen people without the least hint of subtlety, literally pushing over and around his peers to try and get in front. Glad to see about five or six other interns did not allow this act of total-jerkiness.
Also, to the intern who asked Justice Ginsburg a question when she asked us about something entirely different: you should probably pay attention to when a Supreme Court justice is talking to you. Justice Ginsburg was waxing poetic about the Constitution and paused to ask the interns a question about the Constitution. What did this other intern do? He felt compelled to ask Justice Ginsburg at that moment if she forsaw whether the Court would allow cameras into the courtroom in the near future. Whoops.