Friday, June 11, 2010

Spotted: Underage and Weepy at the 9:30 Club

I showed up to a sold out show sans ticket hoping to score an extra from someone out front. I was having awful luck and every other person on the street looking for extra tickets found them except for me....and I wasn't interested in paying $60. The band was already on their first or second song and I was about to give up and walk away when all of a sudden two interns were escorted out by the bouncer. (Granted, I did not see exactly why they got tossed, this was just the aftermath and it had something to do with being underage and alcohol.)

Intern Girl 1 to Bouncer (slurring and getting loud): But you cant throw us out, we didn't even do anything!!!
Bouncer to Intern 1: Look, we saw you drinking so you've got to leave.
Intern 1 (getting more surly): Look, we work in Senator/Congressman _______'s office and this is just so messed up! How can you do this to us? (She literally name dropped her boss to the bouncer)
Bouncer to intern 1: Okay, you've got two choices, you can walk away and go enjoy the rest of your night somewhere else or you can explain your story to the police. Take your pick.
Bouncer to intern Girl 2: Whats your name? Let me see some ID
Intern 2 (voice getting shaky): says her name
Intern 2 (on the verge of tears): Am I going to lose my internship!?

The bouncer and I about lost it after this little performance. They took off and the bouncer let me buy their ticket from the box office for $25!

Thank you underage interns for making my night, it was a great show.

To intern girl 1: Did you really think anyone at 9:30 that night gave a rip who you work for, let alone the burly doorman?
To Intern girl 2: You will lose your internship, but not for this...just give this town another month.