Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spotted: Stop, Drop, and Red Badge-It

I am an intern living in GW summer housing. I'm a little older than the average hill intern, and have had a few D.C. internships in the past, so I am familiar with the hilarity of the blog and the pompous hill interns (and staffers alike). Tonight a pipe burst in the basement of my building and the fire alarm went off. All of us living in the dorm had to evacuate at midnight, and everyone, thinking it was a fire, grabbed their room keys and maybe a cell phone before leaving-- except one male intern. What do you think he was sure to bring? Of course, the red badge of courage, securely fastened to his gym shorts. Good thing of ALL your valuables in your apartment that you made sure to grab your precious piece of plastic that defines you as a prick. Wonder if you'll use the hour we were outside in the humidity as an excuse for being late tomorrow, or testy to constituents.