Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spotted: I'm Just an Intern ... but I want you Nonetheless - w4m (NW)

From Craigslist: You are 8 years my senior but I could care less. You work down the hall and really the best part of the morning is seeing you in the board meetings and trying to catch your glance. I can never tell by your glances if you can understand my eyes. Sometimes I feel like you intentionally ignore me...hopefully the case, as it would signify shyness. We have had short buoyant conversations before that indicate that we are two friendly folk that would at least superficially get along. I will be here all summer and I just hope you read this, or some other staffer at an organization with interns, and rethink those glances that cute goofy but somewhat awkward intern so earnestly practices each morning before her presentation. And at the least.... at the very least, please reciprocate.