Friday, June 11, 2010

Spotted: Dressed for Success

I am an intern working on the Hill this summer and have been widely entertained by this blog, to the point that I have begun looking for other interns that should be included within. As such, when I headed down the elevator from my office yesterday, I was in for a surprise. The elevator was full, including 4 or 5 other interns who were dressed very professionally. When the elevator stopped on the second floor, two more interns, red badges clearly visible, wanted to get in the elevator but there was not enough room, prompting the male intern there to look at everyone and say "Oh, well that ain't gonna work," then fist-bumping an intern in the elevator as the doors closed. Everyone in the elevator then chuckled, as the intern was proudly supporting his blue seersucker suit, but was wearing old, beat-up, untied white Converse All-Star low tops. I wasn't sure who he worked for, but I'm pretty sure if he worked in my office, they would not have let him in with that particular footwear choice.