Thursday, June 03, 2010

Spotted: Delegation Doesn't Work if You're an Intern

It was day one for two bright-eyed new interns. For the alpha-female - an entitled intern that was hired as much for who her parents are as anything she might have included on a resume if she'd bothered to send one - it took less than a day before she was delegating her work to her co-intern. Of course, the project she handed off had been given to her, along with the detailed instructions for how to do it. So it wasn't shocking when it was completed incorrectly.

She probably thinks that she was pulling a pretty clever managerial move, when in truth, all she did was guarantee that the next time I have a project to do, I'll just skip the middle man and give it directly to the other intern. She can ponder the chain of command while she sorts mail all day long.