Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Heard: We're not Lifeguards

There are these two interns who coincidentally have ended up in the same metro car as me multiple times over the past few weeks. Each time I've seen them, they've been loud, boisterous, fist-pounding each other over everything the other said, and of course, proudly displaying their red badges for everyone on the metro to roll their eyes at. The first time I witnessed these guys, they were loudly bragging about drinking and getting laid at their respective colleges. The second time, they were complaining about how annoyed they were with DC tourists. The third time, one of them so humbly stated:

"It's almost sad, like all my friends from college just aren't accomplished; they're spending their summers like life guarding or doing generic office work. But look at us: we're working for the United-f**king-States CONGRESS. We haven't even graduated college and we're already making names for ourselves."

Followed by a fist-pound.