Thursday, June 03, 2010

Heard: I Guess they Don't Teach that in Prep School

In the last few weeks, new interns have been lining up in droves outside the ID office to get their red badges. As I was waiting in line for 90 minutes, I couldn't help but overhear an intern in front of me bragging about his Northeastern prep school, ragging on the interns around him who went to public school or an inferior private school. When he finally received his badge, he grabbed a chain and the plastic piece that attaches to the badge. He couldn't figure it out, however, fumbling in the doorway of the ID office. After a good minute of trying to figure out this simple device and blocking others from getting in, I had to intrude as the mob was getting restless. I put it together in four seconds, handed it to him and said, "I guess they didn't teach you that in prep school." He laughed politely and went about his way.