Friday, June 04, 2010

Heard: Eight Extra Stops

I remember how overwhelming the Metro system can be during the first few days in DC, particularly after moving here from a city that had no bus service and probably less than five taxis. That overwhelming feeling must have overtaken the poor intern who sat next to me yesterday as I boarded the train at Capitol South in the direction of L'Enfant. In a brief moment of fear, said intern began looking around frantically and asking what line she was on, when told she was on blue she sighed and declared "oh good, this takes me right to Pentagon City."

The nice person next to her suggested that she could get to Pentagon City much faster if she transferred to yellow at L'Enfant and then Pentagon City would be only two stops after that. Responding in a horrified voice the intern declared "Oh no! That is much too hard. It is so easier just to wait until the blue line gets there."

So breaking it down, scared intern would rather sit on the blue line for EIGHT extra stops just so she won't have to walk up an escalator and get on another train that says yellow.