Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heard: DC is a Colony

I work in a law/consulting firm that has [too] many summer interns both paid and unpaid. Some are law students and others here as undergrads and for the most part they are competent and efficient (not the red badge of honor type). This morning I was working on plotting some locations with some of the new interns and showing them how to determine which cities on the map to mark and for what. We were looking at the East coast when Intern #1, a 1L at a top-ten law school, asks "Which states was DC was made up of"? Quick on her feet Intern #2, a 2L law school student from a different top-ten law school responds "Its not made up of any, DC was one of the original 13 colonies."

I could not hold my laughter back as I corrected her that indeed the District of Columbia was originally made up of land ceded by Maryland and Virginia but since then Virginia's area has retro-ceded back into the Commonwealth. Both interns were baffled by the idea of this and the thought of land "flip flopping between states like that." It was not until I showed the soon to be Esquires the Washington D.C. Wikipedia page that they fully believed me.

Intern #1 then asked "What's a Commonwealth?" I told her to Google it and walked out of the room.