Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heard: Camels and Karaoke

Friday night I'm at a shitty karaoke bar in Adams Morgan and have just done my standby, including hyping "Yo! We got any summer interns in the house? [pause for cheers from half the crowd] Go home soon" between the second and third verses. I go to refill my drink and on the stairs pass a girl, about 20, wearing a somewhat substantial white shirt/sweater thing that went down to her waist, and.. sky blue leggings. Just leggings. Bright attention-grabbing leggings. (There are multiple reports of visible camel toe.) Wha... Okay, I'm feeling brash. "Excuse me," I exhort, "but honest question: do you consider yourself to be wearing pants right now?"

She wasn't even taken aback. "Why, yes I am," defiantly, as if Sarah Palin was being asked if she was proud of the troops. Question answered. Twenty minutes later she threw up all over the bar. (Like, on the bar itself.) And desperately tried to clean it up herself, up to the point of shouting at the bartender "no, go away, I'll take care of it" when he came over with napkins and a rag.