Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spotted: Magnetometer Mishap

Dear Clueless Intern in the Security Line,

In future if you are going to go through the magnetometer in the staff only entrance without your ID, then proceed to block everyone ability to get into the building, could you please not ask me to push the button for you in the elevator I have graciously held open for you?

Thanks so much.

Aggravated Staffer


  1. apparently "graciously" only goes so far... the thing you "staffers" don't understand is that the interns are only mirrors of your own arrogance.

  2. Are you kidding? Get over yourself. Push the button. It would have cost you about 1 second of your time. Now I have lost 30 seconds of my life reading your sob story about someone asked you to push a button? That's 30 buttons. Could you please not waste our time with this? Thankssomuch.

  3. It took you 30 seconds to read that story?

  4. Darling, its hyperbole. Look it up.

  5. yikes, and i thought pushing an elevator button was common courtesy.

  6. seriously, since when did asking someone to push an elevator button for you start being seen as a self-righteous act?

    you were probably closer to the goddamn buttons, and the kid didn't want to reach over you. okay?