Saturday, May 29, 2010

Heard: Staffers Make Mistakes, Too

(I know this is a blog about intern gaffes, but I think this is equally deserving of public eye-rolling.)

Talking to my friend one day this Spring, she informed me that her boss is up for reelection this year, and asked if my boss is also. We're both House staffers.


  1. Agree, weak...
    Seemed like a sensible question...
    Ever heard of members of Congress retiring or deciding not to go up for re-election?

  2. Oh come on. That's a lame rookie mistake, not weak. If they're friends and they follow the news, surely she would know if her friend's boss was retiring. It was worthy of the site. If an intern had said it, we'd be all over it. It even funnier since it's a staffer.

  3. I kind of think that's funny. Tough crowd this year...

    At least this staffer isn't the ass-hat from the elevator story below.

  4. From the original poster:

    Yes, I have. But after I said that all Members of the House who are NOT retiring are up for re-election, her follow-up thought was "so it's different than the Senate?"

    Sensible question?

  5. equal pay for women!!!!! brilliant!!!!