Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heard: Apparently the Supreme Court no Longer has Standards

We had a spring intern in our office who started out great--very excited to be here, interested in the issues, competent, etc. However, about halfway through, he abruptly decided that he wasn't being "challenged" enough and mentally checked out from the office (he also got into a state law school and decided he didn't really care anymore about the menial US Senate).

Thus began a series of smug exchanges, mysterious work absences, and an overall crappy attitude about being an intern. Anyway, said intern left last week, without bothering to say goodbye to anyone in the leg shop. However, when our staff assistant was saying farewell, she mentioned that she hoped to see him in DC again sometime.

His response? "Oh you will--when I come back here to clerk for the Supreme Court in a few years!"