Friday, June 26, 2009

Heard: Literally Losing Money

Yesterday morning, exiting the Capitol South metro at about 9:15 AM, the gates had broken and there was a huge crowd (200+) of people accumulating in front of them, trying to get out.

Eventually the Metro workers did just force the gates open and let people file through as quickly as possible without paying. But before they did that, I overheard this spectacular conversation between two very young looking, female Congressional interns.

Intern 1: "They should literally just let us out without paying."(Note: I'm not sure she has a grasp on the meaning of the word 'literally' since I doubt anyone would have thought she was speaking metaphorically there)

Intern 2: "I know, they should."

Intern 1: "I mean, if you look at how much money the government is losing by us being late . . ."

I don't know if there was more to the conversation; I was too busy laughing to myself. I actually get paid, and I'm pretty sure the government's budget was not unduly burdened by any of us being that 5 minutes late this morning.

Spotted: Runners Anonymous

Two girls in running outfits jogging down the mall. Attire and egos complimented by badges at the hip.

Spotted: Blue Scrunchie

The foundation at the association where I work has a lovely new intern for the summer. For the past week she has been here, she has come into the office wearing skin tight, revealing dresses (I should note that the association I work for is VERY conservative) which have drawn the criticism of many. Today was her finest moment thus far. At 9:00AM, she was lamenting the fact that she looked terrible - and was forced to put her hair in a ponytail using a BLUE hairtie. The horror of it all!

Determined to change this, she busted out a straightener and headed for the bathroom.

Spotted: Show Some Respect

Male intern (red badge clearly displayed on belt) standing in the hallway outside the Dirksen cafeteria and elevators, boastfully (and loudly) emphasizing the story he was telling by making a cupping gesture up and down with his hands to demonstrate the size of some woman's chest.

The constituents getting off the elevator stared. A woman hissed "show some respect".

From a fellow intern: you make us look bad.

Spotted: Pretty Woman - Part Deux

Intern walks into a very publicized house hearing with a stretched out tank top so low cut you see much of her lacy black push up bra. Bright green wrap skirt that was already too short splits entirely when she sits and exposes her legs almost up to her hip. She then proceeds to cross her leg pretty much exposing everything. To top it all off she had black 4 inch stilettos. And her attempt at professionalism was wearing an unbuttoned jacket over this- it didn't work.

Spotted: Seating for Staff?!

I was attending a hearing the other day in the Senate. The line of interns became larger as time went on before they opened the door. Within moments of opening the door, all of the seats were taken and it became standing room only.

Two young women were working the press table when one was approached by a young man sporting his oh-so familiar red badge of courage. This gem-of-a-guy approaches the young lady and says "excuse me?" "Yes?" she replies. He looks around disdainfully at the crowd that has gathered in the committee room. "Is there a seating area just for STAFF?" "" she says "but i am pretty sure everyone here is basically 'staff'."

Hey, intern, don't show up to a hearing 5 minutes before it starts. Better yet, I'm not sure why you didn't just flash your "I.D. du power" to the 85 year old woman sitting next to you. I am positive she would've recognized your elite status.

Spotted: Food and Drink

Favorite part of my morning commute: Hill Intern gets on blue line train this morning with large, flimsy coffee cup and huge donut. She sits down next to me and starts to eat her breakfast, wiping crumbs EVERYWHERE.

Another commuter politely explains, "Excuse me, but just so you know, food and drinks are prohibited on the Metro system."

Intern glares and huffs.

At the next stop, I stand up and tell her that this is my stop, at which point she spazzes out and drops her coffee cup, spilling everywhere.

Other commuter, less politely than before then finishes the etiquette lesson: "And that's why food and drinks aren't allowed. Well done. Really Stellar."