Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spotted: Subway Cars

I was getting on the subway to head to the Dirksen cafeteria for lunch today with my friend when this large group of teenage girls and 1 intern come down the hallway at the same time. While we're waiting for the Dirksen subway to arrive, the intern loads 20 of the girls onto the Russell subway car *without her*. And then she takes the remaining 5 and gets on the Dirksen subway.

My friend says to her as we are loading onto the car "You know these subways don't go to the same place, right?". The intern gives my friend a confused look and says "No they do. It's ok.". My friend and I are quietly laughing about this in our subway car when suddenly we hear a knock on the window separating us from the other car holding the intern and the 5 teenage girls. The intern looks at us with a confused look and mouths "Where does this one go?" referring to the Dirksen subway.

Meanwhile, the 20 teenage girls with no tour guide must have arrived at Russell.

Spotted: English Muffins in England

Longworth Cafeteria - 9:00am

Intern 1: (in bow tie): Do you think they have english muffins in England?
Intern 2: What's an english muffin? (Intern 1 shows intern 2 what an english muffin is.)
Intern 3: (in leopard print shoes): I wonder if they have regular muffins ......
Intern 3: How do you put things things in the toaster?

Spotted: White House Intern

Real conversation that I encountered yesterday morning on the metro:

I sit down next to young man in 5-piece suit, and mistakenly sat on the edge of his perfectly pressed jacket…

(Rips the corner of suit from under me…)

Intern X: “EXCUSE ME!”

Me: oh, I’m sorry…

Intern X: (insert large huff of disgust here) “ I’M A WHITE HOUSE INTERN!!”

Me: (blank stare)

Heard: Late as Usual

This unfortunate story happened in our office this morning. I know that Summer Associates are not interns, but for all intents and purposes, when they act like an "intern," they might as well be labeled as such.

Dear Summer Associate: Announcing that you're late "as usual" when you waltz into the office twenty-minutes late is not going to get you an offer, especially in this economy. Furthermore, when someone asks if it was due to the Metro delays, I urge you not to say laugh and say, "no, I just like to sleep a lot."