Saturday, June 06, 2009

Heard: Thank You

I fear I would have gone crazy this week if not for your blog. Truly hilarious. What might even be better are some of the interns in my office are discovering it and getting worried they'll show up.

You've struck fear into the hearts of interns everywhere!

Heard: Work is for Old People

Overheard on the Red Line last night. They were still wearing their badges, despite it being 10pm on a Friday, and I doubt they were just leaving work.

Intern 1: I'm not good with numbers.
Intern 2: Oh, I'm really good with numbers. Just not the times tables. I gave up on those.
Intern 1: That's okay, memorization is for baby boomers.
Intern 2: I know, right? I had to go to some research seminar last year. It was total bullshit. I mean, maybe back before the internet...
Intern 1: But you can just look stuff up on Wikipedia now. I mean, I can learn more in twenty seconds than I could from reading books.
Intern 2: I totally agree.

Intern 1 was also quoted as saying her History of Mass Media class was really targeted towards 'older people' as she already knew the history of TV.


Heard: Ed and Ted's Excellent Brotherhood

I overheard one of our interns talking to one of the NYLC high school kids that swarm the Hill from time to time.

High School Kid: "Are Ted Kennedy and Edward Kennedy related?"

Intern (authoritatively): "They're brothers."

Spotted: What is Your Point

I gave our intern the task of transcribing a speech my boss had recently given. This saved only a fraction of the time it should (I later had to go through the speech to correct the outrageous amount of times she apparently misunderstood the English language, as spoken in the speech). She had been transcribing for about 30 minutes when she abruptly stopped, turned around, and said matter-of-factly, "I don't feel like transcribing anymore."

Trying not to laugh, I looked at her and said, "I am unsure what your point is." She went back to work.