Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spotted: Those are Stairs, Sweetie.

Having lived in DC for the better part of five years I have learned how right Mitch Hedberg is about escalators, they don't break, they just become stairs.

One night I went to a Nationals Game and after the game I stood patiently in line to go down the non-working escalator from the Grand Stand section to leave as I am about to step down this 20 something girl cuts in front of me and stops, perplexed that the escalator is not working. A little annoyed that she couldn't figure it out I told her "yeah, we have to walk down it" She whirls around and starts saying how rude I am and that I need to be more patient.

Just to get her to keep moving down the stairs (nee escalator) I apologize but she continues to complain how she's from the south and her entire time for this internship she has only dealt with all of these rude northerners and can't wait to go back down south. I can only imagine her on the phone with a constituent.