Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spotted: Need Bucket of Water

As an intern myself, I've learned to keep my head down. Don't ruffle feathers, do what you're told, don't get self important, and shut up. Most unfortunately not all interns have the same mentality as I do (this blog is a testament to that).

I was working for a Congressperson in a sizable office that had about 18 interns rotating during the week. During my first week, one intern in particular singled himself out as potentially the most annoying, arrogant, self-important person that had ever walked into the office. He would argue back forcefully with constituents on the phone, he would speak with candor about bills of which he clearly knew nothing about, he would even give out confidential information (I have no idea how he was privy to it, but apparently he was) to random people. Suffice it to say, he soon got a pretty bad reputation in the office.

A few weeks ago, this intern was told to 'man the front desk' while whoever was sitting there went to go get lunch. A few minutes into his post at the front desk he came bounding back into the office with a phone cord wrapped around his neck. We asked him what he was doing and he told us he was looking for a bucket of water. We looked at him, puzzled, and he began to explain to us (in an exasperated voice that suggested we were stupid NOT to know) that he needed a bucket of water because if he submerged the phone cord in water it would untangle. Then the Congressperson's Chief of Staff came walking up behind him and said "******! I told you you don't NEED a bucket of water! If the phone cord is really bothering you so much, then you should just get another one from one of the 15,000 phones we have in this office!"

He had ASKED the Chief of Staff for a bucket of water and then ignored her to go looking for one himself! I couldn't believe what I was witnessing.

I really feel for all of those Congressional employees that have to deal with people like this all the time. I recognize as an intern that we don't make your jobs easier, we make them harder. As a side note, this past week, the very same intern was forbidden from answering the phones after promising a constituent that someone would make him a CD with all of the current legislation being debated in the House on it! Like anyone had time to do that when the guy could have just looked it up on Thomas.

By the way, we made the CD.