Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spotted: Helpful Interns

I read your blog because of a dual interest in politics and foolish people, so while visiting DC last week I was keeping an eye out for any quality stories for you.

Instead, my only intern-related story is a positive one. Being from Illinois, I knew that Illinois' senators host a weekly constituent coffee, so that morning I packed up my toddler bright and early and we went to the capitol visitors center. We arrived at the room about 20-30 minutes early, so aside from a few other early-arriving constituents the only people there were a staffer and a group of interns from an Illinois office who were setting up and greeting constituents.

Before and during the event, all the interns (and staff, for that matter) were friendly, polite, professional and helpful to a fault; plus they were more than happy to tolerate and interact with my noisy 2-year-old, who had no idea who the old people were or why he should listen to them, and wanted nothing more than for his daddy to put him down so he could eat donuts and run around the hallway opening and closing doors.

So kudos to them for helping make our experience a positive one. And don't worry, kids, I'm sure you'll figure out the Metro by August or so.