Friday, August 07, 2009

Heard: What Does the Congressman Drink?

One weekend our boss was in town on his district work period, I get a text message from our Intern. What does the Congressman like from Starbucks? That's an easy one so I quickly type back my reply. Two minutes later I get another text from the Intern who was helping to staff the boss man, what does he like to eat at Starbucks....I quickly again type back a reply.

I settle back down to my reading of legislation as I am a staffer enjoying my weekend off, when my BB rings this time...The Intern had left the Congressman in the car in the heat without AC going and did not remember what I had told him five minutes ago about the bosses coffee drink....honestly you guys are in college or graduated from college? So after some quick damage control...I settle back down thinking that it has been resolved..when I get another text..what does the Congressman like to drink from Jamba Juice???