Friday, August 07, 2009

Heard: The Tombs

Preface: I will be an undergraduate senior at Georgetown in the fall and I am an intern this summer but not on the Hill. Thanks for your blog as I find many of the stories hit home with my own experiences this summer.

Case in Point: I am on the Circulator on my way back to Georgetown and two tourists can be heard trying to get directions to a store in Georgetown. These two loud, obnoxious and know-it-all guys then proceed to give them directions in a, "I know everything about Washington DC" type of way. Thinking that these two guys were locals, another couple approaches them and asks if they can tell them how to get to The Tombs. The two guys, obviously looking confused, ask, "uhhh is that a cemetery or somethin' somewhere dude?" The tourists explains that no, it is in fact a bar. I overhear and proceed to tell the couple how they can find the bar.

Now, I don't expect everyone in DC to know what or where the Tombs is. Even for people that live here. But if you are a college student here, especially at Georgetown or GW I bet you have an idea that its a bar, and not, a cemetery.

More to the point: Don't give directions and act like you know where everything in the city and what you're talking about when when you really don't. Thanks again for the blog.