Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heard: Some Sage Advice

I was waiting to cross the series of streets between Russell and Union Station when a group of five or so interns walked up. As the majority of them launched, loudly, into a tale about one of their fellow interns, I assume, one of their number tried, unsuccessfully, to separate himself from the group. I understand why, conversations about casual sex really aren't workplace appropriate.

What was amazing is that it seemed the other interns didn't realize why he might not want to be associated with them. Clearly, they didn't know a couple important facts and considering how widely read this blog is I'm sure it'll serve to inform them.

I wanted to make interns aware that, yes, everyone on The Hill knows each other and, if anyone so desired, it wouldn't be hard to find out where you work and let your staffers know what you were discussing so don't act foolishly or discuss things inappropriate for the workplace. This is especially true when you are going to or leaving work as you are probably doing so at about the same time as people in other offices.

And further, when other offices' staffers hear conversations that amount to gossip well, let's just say, first impressions are impossible to do over. So, for those of you interns on this blog, it's unlikely that you'll be getting good recommendations from your staffers if they find out about your exploits and it's equally unlikely that when you apply for a job on The Hill that the office you are applying for will look kindly on you if they find out you were engaged in these kinds of exploits.

But that's just my opinion. Then again, I am in charge of hiring new staff so you might want to take my advice.