Friday, August 07, 2009

Heard: Princess Hilltern and her Mother

I'm a student at one of the universities in DC which all rent out their housing to interns for the summer to make us some extra money and offset academic year costs. I work for the office that oversees that housing for the summer.

One day, an intern who seemed to think that her accommodations were inadequate came in to complain. I explained that she was informed up front what she had paid for and that our prices were set based on the cost of real estate and services in the city. She was disgusted and felt she needed to be upgraded at no cost. I apologized if she felt she was misled but explained an upgrade would have to be at her own expense. This did not sit well with her and set off a tirade. She started explaining to me how hard her job was and how I needed to not treat people who "worked" on the hill like that. I smiled sweetly and repeated our policy and listed all our options. She insisted that her boss, Congressman so and so was not going to be pleased.

About an hour later her mom called. Both Princess Hilltern and her mother explained that they knew that I wouldn't understand her situation because I haven't ever had the stress of something like that and I just work for my school because it was the only job I can get. I've done my hill internships, thank you, and I did them while juggling a full course load. Furthermore, I get to wake up at noon and make far more money than I actually deserve to sit in a room and occasionally deal with hillterns like you.

Yeah, I'm sure dumb for spending my summer working for my school. What does your paycheck look like, honey?