Friday, August 07, 2009

Heard: From One Intern to Another

Hi DC Interns:

I'm proud to be an intern on Capitol Hill, in spite of the Giant Death Glares many of the other staffers and workers inflict on us. However, one particular incident helped me to see their perspective in a completely different light.

I was sitting with my tour group in the Senate gallery, when I saw that another one of my fellow interns and his tour were vacating the front row. Seeing an opportunity to give my constituents a better view of the Senate proceedings, I gave them the okay to slip past the other group and quietly sit down in the front row.While we were sitting there, we of course stayed quiet obeyed the rule forbidding us from placing our elbows where they didn't belong. While he passed me, however, the other intern felt overwhelmed with the minuscule amount of power afforded by his badge; he then leaned over me as I sat down in my seat and whispered, (by the way, this is a direct quote) "I'm okay if you want to sit in my seats, but don't ever place anything on the divider [the marble-covered safety wall bordering the front seats of the gallery], and don't put your face on it!"

Not only did my group and I look askance at each other when we heard the last part of the intern's edict, but I'm pretty sure that the people in the row behind us tittered behind their hands when they saw this young man give orders to a fellow intern, who (by the way), knew better than to whisper loudly in the gallery right when the senators started reading their statements.

If you post this, that would be great! Also, it would be proof that not all interns are arrogant, obstreperous brats; only this fellow was. Thanks!