Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heard: From London, With Love

[Editor's Note: this e-mail was sent from an official UK government e-mail address - to dispel thoughts of disbelief]


I just wanted to say thanks for the blog, it's kept a little group of us here amused all summer long. Internships aren't quite as formalised at Westminster and don't play nearly as big a role in political life, but nonetheless we've spotted some parallels with the (in their minds) "bright young things" who work as (poorly paid) researchers for Members of Parliament.

Most don't seem to be quite as arrogant as your interns and because they end up living in the city for at least a year they generally figure out stuff like standing on the right on Tube escalators. But the one thing that clearly unites the galley slaves of politics from both sides of the pond is badge-flaunting. Walk down Whitehall at lunchtime when the House is sitting and everywhere you look there are cherubic young men in expensive suits their parents paid for, wearing their badges for all too see, despite being told a million times that security rules forbid you from doing so.

Try leaving a Government department of any importance with your staff pass round your neck and the security guards will give you an earful, but for some reason these kids think everyone will be impressed with their little bits of plastic. So very, very sad.

Keep up the good work.