Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heard: Even GW Students are Annoyed

On Friday night, three of my friends and I were headed to a get together at our friends apartment. We were leaving from GW's campus and called 4-ride (a free transportation service from campus to various off-campus locations for GW students) to take us from campus to an apartment complex off-campus. When we got in the 4-ride van, there was already one other person sitting inside.

After the four of us piled in, he says (drunkenly, of course), "So are you guys actually all GW students?" Since 4-ride is exclusively for the use of GW students, we were confused by this question and responded with "Yes, of course, aren't you?" The other passenger then said "No, I'm a summer intern" and in true intern form, whipped out his badge. He then asked us if we had just come from a fraternity house. We had not, we had just come from a sorority house, and told him so.

He then proceeded to tell us that the fraternities were lame because his friend had gotten punched in the face at one. At this point in the ride, we came to his stop and he stumbled out of the van. The four of us as well as the 4-ride driver were all very amused and had a good laugh the rest of way to our destination.