Sunday, August 02, 2009

Heard: Definitely NOT PC

On Friday night around midnight, I got on the Red Line to head home. Metro was single tracking (From Grosvenor to Friendship Heights) at this point, so it was going to take awhile. At either White Flint or Twinbrook, a rowdy group of interns got on the train. They were pretty drunk, and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I overheard one of the interns say that they were going to Adams Morgan, and should be there in 5 minutes.

Needless to say, it didn't take 5 minutes to get to Adams Morgan. We were moving slowly and also stopped a couple times to let trains pass by. Eventually, a couple people in the group started to complain. After we had gotten around the single-tracked portion of the Red Line, one of the girls said:

"Oh my god, this is taking so long, I feel like we're headed to Auschwitz!"

A stunned silence fell over the car as other passengers and I exchanged looks of disbelief. Thankfully, it didn't take us much longer to reach the Adams Morgan stop, where our interns exited the train, off to enjoy the rest of their night and hopefully realize that riding DC public transportation does not in any way compare to the suffering of millions of innocent people.