Monday, July 13, 2009

Spotted: Sleeping Beauty

Oh, the joys of modern technology! For those of us who multitask on a regular basis, the opportunity to watch House and Senate hearings online is phenomenal. But distractions do exist that deter us from paying utmost attention to what is actually being said. For instance, the House Energy & Commerce Committee held an hearing on the proposal to create a Consumer Financial Regulatory Authority. It included important testimony and questions from numerous speakers and Members.

However, I and other colleagues watching online were mesmerized by a constant camera shot of an intern (red-tag and all) sitting in the back row of the hearing room asleep with head back and mouth wide open. We could have forgiven him if it had been a 2-minute "nod-off," but the dude was out cold for over a half-hour. At one point his head even slumped to one side, he jerked back into a sitting position, but continued to snooze away.

Note to interns: if you going to sleep through a hearing, make sure that you sit off to the side of the hearing room so your mug doesn't show-up on C-Span for the world (and your boss) to see!