Sunday, July 05, 2009

Spotted: High School Cafeteria

I was walking towards the Dirksen cafeteria from Russell, and just as I turned the corner, a group of 6 or 7 interns got out of the elevator in front of me and proceeded to walk towards the cafeteria. As we all turned the corner into the small hallway that leads to the actual entrance to the cafeteria, they decided to stop in the hall, completely blocking the way for me and the other staff who were just trying to get some lunch. They seemed a little amused (and possibly embarrassed) they were blocking the hall and then started walking again, eventually entering the cafeteria in front of me, where they all split up to get their lunch. The lines were huge (it was clearly a lobby day for some group, since half the people in there had the same red shirts on).

Two of the interns looked at the long line for the grill, pointed to the front, and then proceeded to try to cut the entire line, which they must have concluded was full of less important constituents and staff. A minute or two later, I could hear the man taking orders at the grill say something about how everyone had to wait in the line. Trying to eat somewhat healthy, I was working my way through the salad bar, when I spotted another of the group, who had apparently decided to go through the line backwards, starting at the salad dressings and ending at the lettuce. Whatever his reasoning for doing so, he was clearly unhappy that people were constantly in his way when he tried to get his next salad bar item.

I know many of you work really hard for our offices, but it is still important to remember that when you are not doing your actual work, in the halls and cafeteria of the United States Senate you should not revert to your behavior in high school.