Sunday, July 05, 2009

Spotted: Hate Mail - Help Interns Find Employment

[editor of the blog did not change anything - including spelling and grammar - in the following e-mail submission]

I have worked twice as an intern in DC, last summer and this year since February. I find it offensive that your blog portrays DC interns as being arrogant, immature, and annoying. I am a graduate student and I work very hard at my internship. I want to make a good impression so that I can increase my chances of getting a job. I face the prospect of being unemployed after graduation with no opportunities in this crappy economy. So how I can expect to have a chance of getting a job in DC if all interns are given a bad reputation by your retarded blog? Even though you write that the blog is only directed at the interns who engage in immature behavior, the general public will assume that all interns fit the stereotype portrayed in your blog. So I have a few words of advice for you:

1. Your blog reminds me of all the people who whine about DC tourists, but guess what, interns contribute a significant percentage to DC's GDP since they pay rent, purchase goods and services and pay taxes.
2. Interns donate their time and efforts without any compensation so that they can get some valuable work experience.
3. I am not sure if you were ever an intern or struggled to find employment, but I've got some news for you, it is a very dismal job market out there and your blog does not make it any easier for someone like me to find employment since future employers will read your blog and automatically assume that I am incompetent and immature like the "interns" in your blog. By the way, how do you know they are interns, is the word "intern" written on their foreheads?
4. And finally, I suggest you get a fucking life and do something more productive with your free time such as helping out DC's homeless. Or you can help interns find employment.