Sunday, July 05, 2009

Spotted: Get Out of Our Shot

Having recently completed a brief stint as a Senate intern, and now possessing the distinction of being able to proudly call myself a former DC intern, I feel that I must share this story.

On a particularly slow day in the office, a couple fellow interns and I had decided that we should go down to Senate gallery to watch a vote take place before checking out for the day. On the way down though, I insisted that we stop to say hi to some new friends in another Senate office (more interns- mostly I wanted to follow up with a cute girl I had met the day before). Walking down the Hart building hallway to the other office, we passed a crowd of reporters and cameramen, all standing around anxiously. I didn’t think much of it.

When we got to the office, I didn’t see anyone that I immediately recognized, so we decided to head back the down the hallway to the elevator. As we turned into the elevator hall though, we were quickly met by a mob of security guards, all surrounding a certain recent Supreme Court nominee, who was going down the hallway to meet with a Senator. We quickly turned to the opposite direction, to find that the crowd of reporters had solidified into a solid mass of cameras, all pointed towards the Judge. And we were right in the middle.

We sprinted down towards the reporters as they screamed for us to get out of their shot, eventually reaching them only slightly ahead of the nominee. We tried to conceal our scarlet letters as we awkwardly squeezed through the gaps in the journalists, as they continued to shout criticisms at us. I suppose we deserved it, having just effectively ruined the biggest photo shoot in the city.