Monday, July 13, 2009

Spotted: Facebook and Envelope Stuffing

As a law clerk for the Federal government in D.C. this summer, I work with a fellow clerk who has a rather large disdain for congressional interns. While I was always empathetic to his view, never have I ever felt the personal level of rage towards these young human beings than I did recently at an AIPAC meeting.

As the historic room in the Russell building quickly begin to fill, I began to wonder whether I was at a Jonas Brothers concert. The air grew warm and increasingly filled with young-and-dumb teen chatter: "I met John McCain," chirped one pubescent voice. "We've been so busy working on health care. Let's exchange contact info; I might need to call on you for some assistance," said one red-badge to another. "I read the Cap & Trade bill last week!"

My colleague often curses these interns as being completely useless. "All they do is go on Facebook and stuff envelopes," and "well trained monkeys could do their jobs better--at least monkeys don't have Facebook accounts to distract them," he says.

Six. Six is the number of Facebook mobile pages I saw on the screens of cell phones while packed into this room up to my neck in sweaty, pompous, self-indulgent youngings. And Q&A time with the Senators took the cake. While a couple (literally 2) questions were good, the rest were either 5 minute history lessons or a recitation of a short and unimpressive resume.

I could go on for days. But I feel an ulcer coming on.