Monday, July 13, 2009

Spotted: Broken Staple Machine

Last summer I interned for one of the executive agencies in DC, and while making small talk with one of the office staff heard this story of a fellow intern, which began with said intern asking the staff to take a look at the "staple machine" which was apparently broken.

He paused to ask me what I thought a "staple machine" is, and after a few seconds I guessed she must have been referring to the office copier, which can staple packets together. He thought the same, but nobody had ever called it a staple machine before.

He went to look at the copier, dreading its demise, and when he turned to ask her what was wrong, the intern was holding a stapler, which she apparently promptly complained was no longer producing staples. He proceeded to open the stapler, see that it was empty, and place new staples in the office's "staple machine."

The intern, who had no idea you could open a stapler,let alone replace its contents responded:
"Wow. At home I just throw them out and buy new ones. This will save a lot of money."

God, be merciful towards our nation's future.