Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heard: Your Mom

On one of my first days in the office, I was dutifully logging mail into IQ at the interns desk that sits between the scheduler’s desk and the chief of staff’s office. Staffer’s friends had been coming and going all week. For the most part, they were friendly and fun-spirited, as they were constantly insulting and poking fun at each other. When a young man came in and started chatting with the scheduler, I only half listened to their conversation. He was standing sort of behind me, since the my desk was alongside the scheduler’s, so I never got a good look at his face. As the conversation progressed, I could tell he was complaining about not having wireless Internet in the building because his blackberry was loading slowly. He got into a lively tale about how no one has wireless Internet around the hill. He sounded like a nice guy, and I was looking to show the staff that I was someone who didn’t take myself to seriously. So, without thinking, I piped in with a “your mom has wireless Internet,” an unfortunate habit I seem to have picked up from spending quality time with my younger brother during the first few weeks of summer. The semi-shocked silence registered, and I gave my full attention to my new predicament. I looked over my shoulder at the young man who was doing the talking, and to my great surprise and embarrassment, it was the Congresswoman’s son.

I got a firm lecture from the scheduler about respecting the Congresswoman after he left.