Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heard: Show Me Love

A group of interns were walking down the halls of Longworth, perhaps to a meeting...a few had notebooks. One intern in the group started singing a pop song from the late 90s..."Show Me Love" by Robyn. I could hear the girl halfway down a rather long hallway. Then Intern 2 chimes in. Some skipping was involved. I'm not kidding. Then, a debate ensued between Intern 1 and Intern 2 over the next lyrics in the song. Apparently neither could get past the chorus. 

Note to interns: please refrain from such...um, important, debates while walking down the halls of a House office building in which a lot of members like to have the door to their reception room open. Not to mention - singing loudly in the halls is what I would expect from 4 yr old girls coming in for tours...not interns. Consider your surroundings before busting into song again.