Monday, July 13, 2009

Heard: Serious Question for Hill Staffers

Normally, we do not post questions or inquiries; however, we thought that this would be a good piece for [serious] discussion via comments. For the time that we spend making fun of interns for their gaffes, we should take a few minutes to give them constructive criticism on how they should act. Perhaps (although unlikely) we will one day have a respectful DC Intern population.

E-mail Submission:

Good afternoon! I wanted to submit a question that I thought people might be interested in discussing in the comments of your blog: For those of you working on the hill and hiring interns, what do you look for in your applicants?

I ask for very selfish reasons. I am a rising senior at a local university, but over the past three years I have managed to stay away from the political vacuum on my campus. Instead of pursuing any internships, I've focused solely on my grades. Meanwhile, I always found it annoying when peer after peer thought it would be ok to stroll into class late because they "got caught up on the hill." I guess those red badges are a free pass to distract the entire class when you are tardy...

So, what does it take to be a competitive applicant and distinguish yourself from the interns that this blog features? Is it a problem that I don't consider myself extremely knowledgeable about political affairs? Is it a benefit that I recognize what I don't know? Is it a risk to convey that in an application?

Or, should I just be frank and make my cover letter a one sentence introduction to explain that if hired, I would do my best to be a "good intern" and nothing like anyone described on this website?

Finally, thank you for this blog. It has been a constant source of entertainment this summer.