Monday, July 13, 2009

Heard: No Cell Phone Signs are not for Decoration

I work for a think tank in DC and went to a Senate subcommittee hearing this week on U.S. policy towards Pakistan. Upon seeing the sign on the outside of the hearing room door that read 'please turn off all cell phones before entering,' I of course turned my phone off. I was lucky enough to grab an isle seat with three interns sitting next to me. About 20 minutes into the hearing, the fellow to my right pulled out his blackberry and started texting back and forth with someone. I guess he thought that since he had his phone on vibrate that this was ok, but in a quiet hearing room his phone buzzing every 10 seconds or so was incredibly distracting. He ended up being saved somewhat by the young female intern's phone that blasted some hip-hop song that took her about 15 agonizing seconds to silence, but in any case, the signs telling you to turn your phone off aren't there for decoration kids. Please show some respect next time.