Monday, July 13, 2009

Heard: The Minority Party

[submitted via blackberry as the event occured.]

Here it is, Saturday, and of course I'm staring at two Hillterns wearing their Scarlett Letters for no reason on the Blue Line. But not only are they doing that, but one of them will not shut up practically screaming about how all the staffers in his office are incompetent and he wishes he could take their job right now and "teach them how it SHOULD be done." Now, granted - I'm sure there are a few Hill staffers that aren't the brightest, but, regardless, they still know a hell of a lot more than you...and, oh yeah- they HAVE graduated from college!

And the highlight of the diatribe from the "expert" intern? He just said told his friend that the minority party is "the party with all the Congressmen from "other ethnic groups!"
Seriously kid! I'm surprised you didn't get jumped while still on the train!