Monday, July 13, 2009

Heard: Blue Line from Union Station

Because of the high demand of summer internships, many offices, such as ours, will offer two sessions of summer internships. One beginning in May, the second in July. Today, in the Dirksen cafeteria, a small group of interns had gathered to share their stories of acclimation to the Congressional workforce. Here are some excerpts from said conversation:

Intern 1: “Oh man, can you believe their actually making us work during these internships?”
Intern 2: “I know, dude! I thought summers were about fun!”
Intern 1: “I mean, my brain actually really hurts. I’ve had to take notes and stuff!”

Shortly after this topic of conversation subsided, another winner was started up. Same group of interns, but not necessarily the same speakers as above.

Intern A: “So, I know we’ve been here like 2, weeks, but I still can’t get this metro thing figured out. I mean, I have my card and everything, but I still get lost!”
Intern B: “Dude, where you trying to go? I’ve got metro figured out.”
Intern A: “Van Dorn”
Intern B: “Oh yeah. Blue Line. So, from the intern dorms, which are, like, right here, go to Union. From Union, take the train to Largo and you’re golden!”

At this point, I considered correcting them, but, it had already been a particularly long day. I figured this was a perfect learning experience in waiting to properly initiate these kids to the city. I wrapped up my lunch with a somewhat better outlook on the day.