Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spotted: Tackling Ted

As a current Senate intern I really enjoy reading this blog, as I guess it keeps me in line and reminds me not to act stupid. I will, however, add a story of my own hubris.

I was interning for the house two years ago, and I was helping staff a political event my boss was holding. A very well known and famous Senator, from a very well known and famous political family was speaking at this event. His speech was phenomenal and as he was leaving the stage, my Chief of Staff said that I should go up and shake his hand. I was excited that the Chief of Staff was okay with this and went off to see I could meet the Senator. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking about how actively I was pursuing him as went into the hall, as I shouted that I was a huge fan of his and was going to college in his state. He was gracious enough to pose for a picture, and even asked if I wanted a job, but from that day on, the staff enjoyed telling the story of how I nearly "tackled" Sen. Ted Kennedy.