Friday, June 05, 2009

Spotted: T-Coast

Personally, my least favorite thing about interns is their know-it-all attitude. This recent encounter with an intern friend of a friend really just sums up, for me, the attitude. I am polite to interns, and I do try to explain things about the city when I can.

Intern: So where do you work?
Me: [agency]
Intern: Oh, I met the guy who runs the [agency] at Tortilla Coast last week!
Me: ... You mean Dr [name], the [head of the agency]?
Intern: No, not him, the guy I met, like, runs it.
Me: Well what was his name?
Intern: I don't remember, but he runs it. Like, he's in charge of the building. He's an engineer.
Me: Uh, well, maybe you mean the AOC, since they own and take care of all the buildings, and have offices in the building--
Intern: No, he's part of the [agency].
Me: Okay, but, you see, the AOC is--
Intern: He runs it.
Me: ... Was it [start naming the few engineers who do work for the agency]?
Intern: No, it was none of those people...I mean, he runs it.

What was the point of her bringing that up except to brag about meeting some guy at happy hour at T-Coast who told her he ran the agency to try to hit on her? Please, tell me how my workplace runs, because clearly, despite my working with the men who could possibly fit your drunken recollection (by the way, none of them run the agency), in your week in the city, interning at a completely unrelated private company in a completely unrelated field, you know enough to argue with me about it.