Thursday, June 04, 2009

Spotted: Stand up?

A new Capitol Hill intern is waiting for her capitol tour group in the capitol. A fellow intern asks to pass the time with her while they both wait for their tours to conclude. As they prepare to finish our tours the fellow intern hands her his "business card." (Cards he made himself and are not from the official office.) He then asks her to call him as he departs.

Flash forward a week later, the female intern is giving another tour in the capitol. It’s a busy day on the Hill in terms of tours. Statuary Hall is filled with folks mingling about their personally guided groups. Mid-room, said intern is surrounded by her constituent tour. Leading a tour group out is “business card” intern. Girl spots guy, smiles and waves. Guy loudly responds “Oh Hey! Thanks for standing me up!” from across the hall, just loud enough for the entire room to hear, leaving the girl intern to gather her thoughts, close her jaw from shock and further explain to her tour that not calling a guy is not that same as “standing him up.”