Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spotted: SmartTrip Snafu

On Tuesday morning, the new batch of interns made their way to the metro for their second big day of awesome responsibility. But this was the first day they could use their Red Badge of Courage to their advantage. Naturally, one female intern couldn’t wait. On the Red Line, she confidently approached the turnstile and swiped her red badge over the SmartTrip reader. When nothing happened, she assumed that the machine was broken, so she moved to the next turnstile, cutting in front of the crowd to do so. When that one also failed to yield for her, she cut in front of the next group of people. Each time, she made an exasperated face, completely at a loss as to why her ID badge wouldn’t overcome any obstacle she encountered, much less a metro turnstile. She made her way down the entire line of machines until she shoved me out of the way in order to try one last time, angrily swiping her intern badge back and forth across the reader to no avail.

Someone suggested that she deserves the benefit of the doubt, being such a neophyte and all. I might be inclined to agree, except the thought process must have gone something like this: “It’s a good thing I got this ID badge from work. They recognize that I’m so important to my office and this city that I get to use my free ID badge from work to ride the metro while all of those other people have to pay!”

So, for any interns reading this, here’s my bit of advice: try to remember that your Scarlet Letter doesn’t have any magical powers, metro or otherwise, and keep it tucked away unless you have to show it.